Thursday, 12th September 2013

by Joshua Gaskell

I wonder if Miliband’s planned disaffiliation from the unions will prove to be an example of someone not simply shooting themselves in the foot, but blowing it clean off.

What most annoys me about this debate is that “political donations” are spoken of as one thing, the premise being that donations to the Tories from big business and donations to Labour from trade-unions are both bad things that need to be sorted out. But how so? Surely the problem with Tory donations from big business is that it’s undemocratic for an elite of plutocrats to have great influence disproportionate to their small number. But what on earth is wrong with a democratic organisation donating money to a democratic organisation? Even if the unions raised as much between them as the likes of Ian Tesco (they don’t) the point is that it’s a lot of money representing the interests of a lot of people. It’s democracy, stupid.