Monday, 16th September 2013

by Joshua Gaskell

Against my better judgement, I go to the Apple Shop in Covent Garden. I had it in mind to make sure my dislike of the monopolising tax-dodgers was well-founded.

I almost get into an argument with an employee, a boy whose perseverant cheerfulness gives the lie to his Gothical appearance. I forget his name, so I’ll call him Flesh Tunnel. Flesh Tunnel asks me if I want to see the ‘Mac Book Pros.’
‘Mac Books Pro,’ I say to myself. I may have used a preoccupation with the correct use of plural nouns with postpositive adjectives to mock one of my characters, but I’m also quite preoccupied by it myself.

After a bit of back-and-forth I leave FT with his own kind, and his Mac Books Pro and his Mac Books Air, his iPods Classic and his iPods Touch. As the academic saith of Greek Tragedy and Greek Comedy, so it is with PCs and Macs: they represent incompatible ideologies, and no one excels at both. So I’ll stick with my Windows ME, even if it does sometimes occur to me that starting it up is like de-anchoring an ocean liner, and that my mouse needs oiling.

Outside I examine the pink building next door, which I’ve never really noticed before. It’s currently a Ralph Lauren shop. I read now that it was once the Evans Music-and-Supper Rooms: a hotel from 1774, making it one of the earliest in London.