Thursday, 14th November 2013

by Joshua Gaskell

disingenuity, n. (1650)

disingenuousness, n. (1674)

Whether we go for the French model of ingénuité or the Germanic suffix -ness, the essence is that of which I yesterday accused the greyman, who today is cast into spectacular shade my his Bernaysian successor. This morning’s Guardian quotes Cameron as saying, “Our education system should help children out of the circumstances in which they were born, not lock them into the circumstances in which they were born.” If he truly had the gall to say this, then (in the process of cruelly pretending that state schools have the magical ability to smash the class ceiling which his own government has done so much to thicken) he has inadvertently come up with a brilliant slogan for the very school which symbolises said ceiling:

Floreat Etona, Potestatem Perpetuandam (translation: lock your children into the circumstances in which they were born)