Monday, 16th December 2013

by Joshua Gaskell

Cycling in St James’s, with my internal compass pointing towards the Mall, the one-way streets screw me over and I end up on Piccadilly. And apparently this is exactly where the motorist-orientated rot set in: the OED’s earliest illustration of one-way in this sense is from a 1914 issue of World’s Work:

Some little has already been done in the small streets off Piccadilly to request drivers to avoid some streets when going north and others when going south, thereby aiming at ‘one-way’ traffic, but there is no power to enforce the requests.

I think from now on I’ll assert the Power of the Powerless, by living as if, in the case of cyclists, ‘there is [still] no power to enforce the requests.’

At least I get an opportunity to slash ’n’ dash at Green Park tube.