Sunday, 22nd November 2015

by Joshua Gaskell

Journeying through west London, Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin stop outside a famous inn…

‘We surely aren’t going to stay here for the night, are we, sir?’ Sam exclaimed. ‘If there are hobbit-folk in these parts, why don’t we look for some that would be willing to take us in? It would be more homelike.’
‘What’s wrong with the inn?’ said Frodo. ‘Tom Bombadil recommended it. I expect it’s homelike enough inside.’
Even from the outside the inn looked a pleasant house to familiar eyes. It had a front on the Green. The door was open and light streamed out of it. Above the door there was a lamp, and beneath it a large signboard: a fat white pony reared up on its hind legs. Over the door was painted in white letters: the Sloaney Pony by Barliman Butterbur.