Saturday, 8th October 2016

by Joshua Gaskell

A shy and uncertain student writes home at the end of freshers’ week:

I am far quieter than the other students (as you know, mum), and had nothing whatever to do with the vandalism which was carried out by the Wreckers. This sinister and diabolical self-designation is a kind of mark of their urbane sophistication. I live among them shamelessly ashamed of not being one of the gang. I keep company with them and sometimes delight in their friendship, though I always hold their actions in abhorrence. The Wreckers wantonly persecute shy and unknown freshmen. Their aim is to persecute them by mockery and so to feed their own malevolent amusement. Nothing more resembles devils than their manner of carrying on. So no truer name can be given them than the Wreckers. Clearly they are themselves wrecked first of all and perverted by evil spirits, who are mocking them and seducing them in the very acts by which they love to mock and deceive others.