Saturday, 8th April 2017

by Joshua Gaskell

For a vision of society in the future, take words and phrases containing boy and substitute bot. We’ll soon be living among,

  • Altar bots
  • Ball bots
  • Barrow bots
  • Best bots
  • Bot altos
  • Bot bands
  • Bots next door
  • Bot racers
  • Bot sopranos
  • Bovver bots
  • Bully bots
  • Choir bots
  • Drummer bots
  • Errand bots
  • Good old bots
  • Head bots
  • Knowledge bots
  • Lover bots
  • Publicity bots
  • Water bots

After the Singularity, the robots will take our jobs by time-honoured means: in the old bot network, it’ll be all about jobs for the bots.