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by Joshua Gaskell

Saturday, 28th January 2017

Then he called for Peace in Vietnam, and the crowd roared and the band played Dianas as if he had made a glorious pass. Peace in Vietnam was now the property of all politicians; Peace in Vietnam was the girl who had gone to bed with a thousand different guys, but always took a bath, and so was a virgin. Hubert felt like a virgin every time he talked of Peace in Vietnam. He spoke with the innocent satisfaction of a drop of oil sliding down a scallion.

Miami and the Siege of Chicago (1968) by Normal Mailer

In Britain, until recently, when a politician wanted to feel like a virgin, he called for more apprenticeships. Now he criticises Trump. Criticising Trump is now the property of all politicians.

Sunday, 8th January 2017

In the mid-seventeenth century, in Britain, literacy was between ten and thirty per cent, meaning even the mediocre writer of a worthy, plodding biography or an epically dull poem was in possession of a saleable commodity. The post-1870 Education Acts are seen as a success for practically eradicating illiteracy, but spare a thought for the journeyman aspirant.

Monday, 26th December 2016

I notice that an increasing number of schools have signs at the gate saying, ‘This is a good school’. When did Ofsted adopt the classification system of Church and Gargoyle scholastic agents from Evelyn Waugh’s Decline and Fall?:

We class schools, you see, into four grades: Leading School, First-rate School, Good School, and School.

Thursday, 3rd November 2016

Offender, n.

Pronunciation: /əˈfɛndə/
Etymology: < offend v. + -er suffix

1. Law. A person who breaks the law.
2. (Increasingly merging with sense 1) A person who gives offence.

Tuesday, 1st November 2016

A birthday divination rhyme for Twitter:

Monday’s child has #Motivation,
Tuesday’s too has #Motivation,
Wednesday’s child is full of #Wisdom,
Thursday’s child has got some #Thoughts,
Friday’s child is loving and #Feeling,
Saturday’s outfit at #Night is revealing;
And a child that’s born on a Sabbath #Funday,
Is blithe and bonny, and good and #Gay.

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