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Tuesday, 7th April 2015

Amazon, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈaməz(ə)n/
Etymology: < Latin Amazon < Greek Ἀμαζών

A race of female warriors alleged by Herodotus, etc. to exist in Scythia, an ancient tax haven.


Monday, 3rd November 2014

Slang is ‘The special vocabulary used by any set of persons of a low or disreputable character’ (OED). Ironically for such a subject, the standard reference work is so costly that it’s beyond the reach even of persons of a middling and semi-reputable character (like me). I often want to consult Green’s Dictionary of Slang, but it’s not available on Oxford Reference Online with an ordinary library card subscription, and the cheapest copy currently on Amazon is £230.66. This is positively ‘dryfucking adj. (orig. US) infuriating, disappointing and other negatives, relevant to context. [(GDoS)] … Oxford Reference requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of titles within the service.’

Wednesday, 22nd October 2014

It occurs to me that, whereas in the past to put a simple mark in the place of a signature was a sign of illiteracy, nowadays, with the delivery man and his ‘signature capturing device’ waiting, even an X seems to be regarded as a florid extravagance.

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