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Friday, 19th February 2016

Rehashtag, v.

Pronunciation: /ˌriːˈhaʃtaɡ/
Etymology: < blend of rehash v. + hashtag n.

(On social media websites and applications) to reuse an old hashtag without change or improvement.


Friday, 20th February 2015

Hashtalics, n.

Pronunciation: /haʃˈtalɪks/
Etymology: < pun on hash n. + italics n.

Typography in which all words and phrases are preceded by a hash sign (#): employed on Twitter to increase the chances of a Tweet being read, usu. with the opposite effect.

To paraphrase Fowler:

To those who, however competent on their special subject, have not had enough experience of Tweeting to have learnt the rudiments it comes as natural to hashtalicise every word as it comes to the letter-writing schoolgirl to underline whatever she enjoys recording.

Friday, 31st October 2014

Wild sheep + plastic explosives = your time! #ShaPEYourTime

Monday, 15th September 2014

A study of seven hundred and five laptop keyboards has revealed that, as a result of what I call “wordpress” – the new-fangled fashion for running two words into one (hashtags, for example, and the barbarisms that accompany them) – the satisfying patinas on aged space bars are gradually becoming duller.

Monday, 4th August 2014

It’s so clever how companies employ the principle of wordpress (camel case) to create marketing hashtags by pressing together two or more words. (And I understand they don’t want to use elitist capital letters, but personally I favour them for denoting the start of a new word.) On the tube I see a charming example in the form of an advert for Brita water bottles, which carries the #travelawks. But I can’t for the life of me work out what imaginary water filtration has to do with ‘A frame or enclosure of bars in which a restive horse is placed to be shod’, conducive of ‘surprise, awe, or consternation’. Otherwise I’d register a Twitter account and join in:

Lawks, just got back to the trave to find my horse had reshod itself! #TraveLawks

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