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Saturday, 11th April 2015

With suggestions of new toll roads and a system of paying upfront to see one’s GP, the shifting of rail financing from tax-funded subsidy to individual passenger, and an obsession with choice in all things, the Tory’s intend to create an economy in which everyone pays meanly for his own and no one else’s; in which, as the lady saith, ‘There is no such thing as society.’

In fact, their socio-economic vision for Britain is summed up in the whinge–boast catchphrase of Richard Herring: ‘I paid a pound!’

The Tories are creating an I-paid-a-pound! economy.

Saturday, 28th March 2015

New Tory NHS pledge:

I ain’t got nothin’ but love, girl,
Eight days a week.

Eight days a week, I love you.
Eight days a week is not enough to show I care.

Ooh I need your votes, babe…

© Hunt, J 2015

Tuesday, 30th September 2014

Labour’s language of ‘Our NHS’ is starting to grate. Of course it’s ours – hence National – but banging on about it sounds like an advert that protest too much about being ‘my this’ or ‘your that’, and so actually serves to undermine the authority bestowed by a definite article. It’s the NHS, just like it’s the BBC.

Thursday, 17th July 2014

Listening to the privatisers talk about the NHS, you’d think patients and taxpayers were mutually exclusive groups, when in fact they’re two words for the same thing. We’re pushed further into privatisation because people are tricked by an interested media into thinking their taxes are being wasted, when in fact as a proportion of GDP compared to other countries the NHS is cheap and efficient. Whatever tax a person pays, when you’re ill you’re a patient, and if the government sell the service then right-wing newspapers will be happy, but most of their readers will be worse off. On average they’ll be paying more than they used to through National Insurance, because the efficiencies of buying and administering in bulk will have been lost, and a new stratum will have been introduced to the process, much thicker and denser than that of bureaucratic inefficiency: the boundless potential of human greed.

Friday, 27th June 2014

Newsflash: UK remake of Breaking Bad planned:

Breaking Badly follows protagonist Walter White, a chemistry teacher who lives with his wife and teenage son. White is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given a prognosis of two years left to live. He gets treatment on the NHS and everything works out fine.

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