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Wednesday, 29th April 2015

The cover of next week’s Radio Times claims it’s an ‘ELECTION SPECIAL’, yet the image below is of prime-time BBC 1 drama The C-Word, about a journalist with breast cancer. I’m not sure it’s possible to publish a special edition on a subject in earnest, whilst implying that you think it’s too boring a subject for the cover design.

Unless The C-Word is a coded reference to what Russell Brand called Ed Balls.


Sunday, 14th December 2014

Left-wingers often get the loudest and most frequent responses on Question Time and other programmes of that sort. But though they lead the field in quantity of acclamation, they often seem to trail it in quality. I wonder if the Owen Joneses and Russell Brands of the circuit ever pine for a stout round of applause in place of a shrill chorus of ghostly whoos.

Wednesday, 5th November 2014

What You Didn’t Miss: that Newsnight interview in full:

Jeremy Paxman: When did you last vote?

Evelyn Waugh: I have never voted in a parliamentary election.

JP: Well, how do you have any authority to talk about politics then? You don’t believe in democracy.

EW: Great Britain is not a democracy.

JP: How do you imagine that people get power?

EW: All authority emanates from the Crown. Judges, Anglican bishops, soldiers, sailors, ambassadors, the Poet Laureate, the postman and especially Ministers exist by the royal will.

JP: Well, now you’re just being facetious.

EW: In the last three hundred years, particularly in the last hundred, the Crown has adopted what seems to me a very hazardous process of choosing advisers: popular election.

JP: Do you see any hope?

EW: Many great evils have resulted but the expectation of a change of method in my lifetime is pure fantasy.

JP: Well, why don’t you change it then? Why don’t you start by voting?

EW: Crowned heads proverbially lie uneasy. By usurping sovereignty the peoples of many civilised nations have incurred a restless and frustrated sense of responsibility which interferes with their proper work of earning their livings and educating their children. If I voted for the Conservative Party and they were elected, I should feel that I was morally inculpated in their follies – such as their choice of Regius professors; if they failed, I should have made submission to Socialist oppression by admitting the validity of popular election. I do not aspire to advise my Sovereign in her choice of servants.

JP: You are a very trivial man.

Wednesday, 3rd September 2014

Russell Brand and his Trews have been notorious for years:

Trews, n.

Pronunciation: /truːz/
Etymology: Origin uncertain and disputed; either < Irish trius, Gaelic triubhas, or a pun on true adj. + news n.

1. True news, i.e. Trews is like the news, if the news was true.
2. With pl. concord. Close-fitting trousers, including those worn by women.

Friday, 18th July 2014

Responding to baiting by Russell Brand and his Trews, Fox News have a new theme tune:

The Trews is a tool
That is abused to fool you
And to leave you scared and confused.

Fox News is like the Trews
If the Trews was true.
I want Fox News –
Let’s have Fox News!

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