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Friday, 19th February 2016

Rehashtag, v.

Pronunciation: /ˌriːˈhaʃtaɡ/
Etymology: < blend of rehash v. + hashtag n.

(On social media websites and applications) to reuse an old hashtag without change or improvement.

Tuesday, 4th August 2015

Tweet of thumb, n.

Pronunciation: /twiːt əv θʌm/
Etymology: < tweet n. + of prep. + thumb n., after word of mouth.

Tweeted utterance, testimony, or communication; spec. (with reference to advertising or promotion): Twitterspherical communication of any kind between individuals (rather than via the mass media).

Sunday, 19th April 2015

First World problem | First-World problem, n.

Pronunciation: /fəːst wəːld ˈprɒbləm/
Etymology: < First World n. and adj. + problem n.

A problem affecting the First World and its inhabitants; spec. a cause of frustration or dissatisfaction regarded as trivial, and arising only as a result of the economic and social privilege, access to technology, etc., associated with the First World, e.g. the question of whether or not to hyphenate a two-word proper noun when using it attributively.

Wednesday, 11th March 2015

I finish listening to Pick of the Week – the conceit of which is that the guest presenter chooses their highlights from the last seven days on Radio 4 – only to hear Neil Nunes say that ‘you can send your own suggestions to Pick of the Week by emailing’.

Tsk, more outsourcing.

Monday, 23rd February 2015

Break, v.

Pronunciation: /breɪk/
Etymology: < Old English brecan

1. To disable, render inoperative.
2. Contronymous to sense 1, in phr. to break the Internet: to not do that.

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