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Friday, 10th June 2016

I’ve been working on a travel guide to North America:

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have a hallowed place in the diet of the USA. Devon and Cornwall, Pennsylvania have long disputed which of them is responsible for originating the tradition, and each has its particular method. In Devon the peanut butter is spread first, then the jam is spread on top; in Cornwall it’s vice versa.


Saturday, 12th December 2015

Newsflash from


Thursday, 19th February 2015

I can’t remember the last time I ordered a cup of tea in a café and wasn’t asked to confirm that yes, I do just mean an actual cup of tea; or English breakfast as Americanised dunderheads insist on calling it.

N.B. English breakfast is bacon and eggs, and English breakfast tea is a roundabout way of saying tea.

Friday, 21st February 2014

The and then sum:


   Take-away coffee, £2.50
2 Tube journeys, £5.60
+ Sandwich + drink, £3.50
+ Pack of cigarettes, £6
+ Pint of beer, £3.50
x 5
= £105.50


   Flask of tea, ≈10p
2 bike rides, 0p
+ Packed lunch, ≈£1.50
+ Pack of cigarettes, N/A
x 5
+ Pint of beer, £3.50
= £11.50

Thursday, 21st November 2013

The sugar bowl, it watches,
As you fill the kettle;

The sugar bowl, it watches,
As you fetch the milk;

The sugar bowl, it hears you sob,
‘Sweet tooth, don’t damn my thighs!’

But the sugar bowl just watches
With a million granule eyes.

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